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The Galactic Alignment - 21st December

The Galactic Alignment – 21st December

Gateway to 2012: Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 2010
By ADMIN | Published: DECEMBER 16, 2010

This is an interesting article on the forthcoming Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse – written by Nick Kollerstrom.

Its a special Full-Moon lunar eclipse that falls upon the midwinter solstice next week. The Sun and Moon will then be right on zero degrees Cancer-Capricorn the grand Galactic Axis as they oppose each other, at 8 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday 21st. (We don’t get to see this eclipse, it’s in the daytime) Later that day, around midnight, the Sun exactly crosses over that Galactic Axis and that is the moment of solstice.

Around the turning of this millennium, three planes formed a cross, they were in square to each other for the only moment in human history. The line through the middle of the Milky Way galaxy as we see it in the sky, is the Galactic Equator. The line through the middle of our solar system, as we see in the night sky, is the ecliptic. Strictly that is the plane of Earth’s orbit but it is more or less the same as the general plane in which our solar system revolves.

These two planes form an exact sixty-degree angle to each other, which is rather pleasant. As our solar system slowly moves around the Milky Way it keeps that same sixty degree angle of tilt. We’re in a position now where the centre of the galaxy, thirty thousand light-years away, appears as quite close to the ecliptic, i.e its well inside the ‘zodiac’ which is a band of several degrees either side of the ecliptic. Around Saturday 18th December the Sun is closest to the Galactic Centre.

If we imagine one other plane, of Earth’s equator, extended in space, that will gradually move round against the galactic reference due to precession, one degree per 72 years. The plane of Earth’s equator cuts the zodiac at zero Aries-Libra, these are the equinoxes. That line of intersection forms a 90°-angle to the Galactic Axis of zero Cancer-Capricorn. Together they form a grand cross in the sky, on the plane of the ecliptic, a galactic grand cross. That galactic grand cross defines the unique and irrevocable moment of human history, in which we live.

There is a widespread belief that this ‘Galactic Alignment’ is connected with the Mayan calendar reaching its end-date. As the Epoch of the Sixth Sun dawns, the ‘baktuns’ of this ancient calendar will click into a dramatic row of zeros: Friday 21st December 2012 is, then the next day will be As arithmetic that is quite scary, but I suggest cosmically speaking it’s this coming Tuesday that counts. When 25 centuries ago the mysterious cogs of the Mayan long-count calendar were set in motion, no-one knew the rate of precession of the equinoxes, that wasn’t discovered till a thousand years later. It could not have been intended to terminate now at the galactic moment, or could it?

The celestial planes intersect to form the Galactic Grand Cross, but also the plane of the lunar orbit is tilted at 5°-6° to the ecliptic, and revolves once round Earth per 18-19 years. The line where these two planes intersect makes the lunar nodes and these travel round the ecliptic. That line will also align with the galactic axis on the solstice axis zero Cancer-Capricorn, only once ever in human history, and that is next Tuesday on 21st December.

That line of intersection of the nodes with the galactic axis had to happen once during the Galactic alignment, if that event lasts something like twenty years, or maybe a bit longer. But what didn’t have to happen but is just so to speak a coincidence is that the Moon crosses over that axis just then, i.e. an eclipse is formed. So if you want to believe in what David Icke used to call the ‘photon belt’ which we are entering or crossing, this alignment is the astronomical event which expresses whatever that might mean.

Look out at midnight to where the Milky Way and zodiac cut each other. You have to be away from cities to see the Milky Way. In winter we see clearly the horns of Taurus and on the other side of the Milky Way the four stars of Gemini. That’s where the Milky Way crosses. You are then gazing away from the Galactic Centre, away from the Sun. In the summertime one can only partially see the Galactic Centre region of the sky, its so low on the horizon (in the UK). Its in-betwen the stars of Sagittarius and the Scorpion.

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God Help Us!

Subject: FW: Message From Grand Isle, Louisiana

Everywhere Obama goes the event is staged to make him look good by the media and the expenses we pay for his shows are unbelievable.

Not so "unbelievable" but what a farse!

Subject: Message from Grand Isle, Louisiana

I witnessed something yesterday I wanted to share with my friends.

It was disappointing, to say the least, but not at all surprising. I was in Grand Isle yesterday when we were visited by our president. Our street has about a dozen camps, one permanent resident on it; and yesterday we had a fair crowd of people. The first incident that was brought to my attention was four bus loads of, I guess you could call them workers, was spotted at the Bridge Side marina and looked as if they had come from New Orleans.

For you who do not know, Bridge Side is the first marina coming onto Grand Isle and this is where the buses stopped and the WORKERS got off. I later witnessed not four but five buses pass our street on Hwy 1 going to the end of the island where our president was to visit. I made a statement to my neighbors that they were probably going to stage a scenerio where a large amount of people were working on our oil spill problem and guess what, I was right. Liz and I witnessed this on one of the specials when I got home and a large number of men had rakes and were dressed in white hazardous suits working on the beach. But where did they go; No one had seen these guys before yesterday and no one can find them now. I was told WWL is getting question after question about this today, go figure our leader not being truthful and staging something like this.

The next thing I really found unusual was that no one cared if he was on the island. I later saw 38 cops on motorcycles, yes I did count them, and many other police vehicles escort what I am sure was the president in his motorcade of black suburbans. I was told he landed in Fouchon, about 10 miles from Grand Isle, then was brought to Grand Isle in the motorcade. I did see his helicopter and the escorts fly north of us to meet him at the Coast Guard facility were he spoke. My point is when he went down Hwy 1, not one person made an attempt to see him. There wasn't any one taking pictures, no one even looking in his direction, no one lining the streets and waving flags, no one cared. I really think if it had been any of our prior presidents, even Clinton, an attempt would have been made to be along the side of the road and cheer or wave. It is really sad that this country is being run by a man that no one likes or has any respect for. God help us get through the change.

John Munnerlyn, a friend of Grand Isles